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Music: Justin King

As some of you may know, I have several loves in my life. The love for my sons, for my partner and family. For writing. The love for nature, books and animals. And for music. Music is an inextricably part of who I am.

Today I found a little something I want to share with you. ‘A little something’, I say, but that’s the understatement of the month. Today I discovered Justin King, an acoustic guitar virtuoso who makes my heart beat faster. And slower. Justin sends it into several rhythms actually.

This American musician and artist is recognized as a pioneering guitarist for his percussive “tapping” playing style which consists of a variety of influences ranging from Flamenco to Celtic music.

Watch him perform in Knock On Wood

Close your eyes and listen to sweet Crown, played on his custom made double-neck steel-string guitar with two identical DADGAD-tuned necks to expand on his unique two-handed tapping style.

While still recording music as well as doing part-time war photojournalism in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, King is currently finishing a degree in oil painting and photography at Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon.

I have immediately purchased the album Le Blue through his website Justin King. This guy’s music is GOOD!!! Guess what I’ll be doing the next hour…

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Music: Paco de Lucia, John McLaughlin , Al di Meola

What can I say. There is no need to say anything. Just listen to these guitar virtuosos. They play music, they breath music, they ARE music. It seems to come so easily. Their fingers dance, they talk to each other, sing and tease through the guitar strings.

I bought this record about thirty years ago and enjoyed it so much that I gave it as a present to my father. We both share the love for Spanish music, as does my brother.

This piece is from the album Friday Night in San Francisco, and is called

Mediterranean Sundance