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Fluffy puffs bob on spring surface



Have a wonderful weekend! What are you up to today? šŸ˜€

And while these ducklings gently swim, I’m off to the north, to once again battle with and against dark elves, in dungeons and caves. To play with orcs and an occasional dragon.



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

As you might know, I love black & white and sepia photos. This week’s challenge is about color though. And I’d like to invite you to see the colors in my life, starting with two feathered color splashes.

~ click the photos for a larger image ~


130405color1plus another bird, but this one is unfeathered: a ‘Lelijk Eendje’, or ‘Ugly Duckling’.

130405color3Most British will probably declare me insane, but I just had to take this photo:

130405color9When you’re talking about color, you’re talking about flowers. Natural pieces of art:

130405color4 130405color5 130405color6 130405color7 130405color8


Thank you, Cheri Lucas, for providing us with thisĀ Colorful Challenge!


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Sunday Post: Hope


Quak, quak, hello dude

please tell us that you’ve got food

YES, here with the loot!



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Sunday Post

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Orange Feet


thank you, duckling dear

by gabblin’-and-a-cacklin’

you brought back my smile


~ click the photo for a larger image ~

Two orange feet, planted firmly on the ground, helped me to touch down again. Stay your sweet droll self, little one šŸ™‚

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

These ducks were sleeping… or so it seemed. At the sight of the first bread crumb they let go of allĀ pretenseĀ and started moving.

Shot with Nikon / 1NIKKOR 10-30
Click on photo for original size


Go here for moreĀ MovementĀ photos.

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Water Wings

Want to join me on a special tour? A photo-tour where birds that live in or near water have a leading role? Come on then!

Here are even more. Just click on a photo and splash along…

See you next time, Water Wings.

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