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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Inside of the bus, inside of their dreams…


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Monday Blues


Goodnight, bad Monday

Pass your blessings to Tuesday

Be better next time!



Sweet dreams out there…

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Let it Be. Let it Go. Make it Glow!

What does aging do to us? In Does Age Matter you can read some random – not too serious – thoughts on our daily physical deterioration. For example:

Gravity will take a stronger hold on various body parts.
After a night out, two days of recuperation are necessary.

Today’s question is: What gets better with age? Ah, interesting. For me the main thing that gets better with age is

the ability to let go

Letting go of your free and independent life when the children are young.
Letting go of your children when they in turn step into their own free life.
Letting go of high expectations of others, and in stead searching and finding your own way.
Letting go of thousands of things you worry about, but can not change.

Of course I still fret over things, but I’m learning to ease up, to relax a bit more. To allow things to happen. To not be in control all the time. My mother tells me the same thing:

I don’t worry about everything and everyone anymore. Each person needs to live his/her own life and face the responsibilities and consequences of his/her actions.

When growing older, the path before us becomes ever clearer, distractions are more transparent and you can and want to focus on what really matters in life. And that is very important, because you have only one life and the years flash by with accelerating speed! Do not let the outer world rule your life, but take firm control and spend it wisely.

Go on a ghost hunt every now and then! It is not big deal if you fail, because you can always start anew. Stay young at heart and keep moving. Chase your dreams and make them come true, don’t let them fade away! Keep what is really important, what you cannot do without. As for the rest…
Let go.

People change and move on. Friends share the same path for a while – months, years, decades, even a lifetime. They will take a turn every now and then, to find the way ahead together or on their own. Maybe in the future their roads will cross again, hearts drawn together by deep friendship. Relationships and love may end, but it is not the end of the world. It is only change.
Let go.

Things you can not change
let them be

Things you do not want
let them go

But dreams you cherish

What gets better for you when you grow older? You are most welcome to share.