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Sultry rhythm of love. World forgotten.



Posted as part of my Six Word Saturday musings; courtesy of Debbie at Travel with Intent. Will you join us there?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity

THIRDEYEMOM – writer, blogger and social good advocate – provides us with this week’s Photo Challenge: Humanity:

The more I see the world, the more I realize that although people are different, we’re very much the same. We speak different languages, have different cultures, religions, values, and physical traits, yet we all share common hopes and dreams of love, family, and survival. When I travel, I’m inspired to take photographs that capture humanity — of everyday people around the world — and provoke compassion and an understanding of our differences. My favorite photos capture the emotions of others and spark a curiosity about their lives. For me, these images reflect humanity and create connections between us.

As you may know, last May I’ve been to Malawi with a group of education students. In two weeks they exchanged teaching methods, personal and professional experiences and also lots of fun. This photo for me expresses what humanity is about.

Dare to be different. Dare to be the same.

140913humanity3click for a larger view

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

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