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CBW: Horns






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English Dreams

My V-man and I have visited the UK in October. We stayed at the very edge of New Forest National Park, where thousands of cattle roam free.

An impression:


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Scottish Highland Cattle Caught

At the end of June, right before I left for my holiday in the United States, I visited my parents, who were staying at a small family campsite Het Veentieshof in Drenthe, the Netherlands.


Owner of this mini-camping is my childhood friend Petra Root (on the left side of the photo), a delightful and humorous woman and great painter. See what she did to these restrooms? I visited four times that afternoon, just for the fun of it. And each time I chose a different one 😉


Mom, Dad and I went on a short hike that day at the nearby Mantingerveld, where the meandering path took us past amazing details and far views. After half an hour – better make that ten minutes – my Mom and I had no idea where we were, but Dad never doubted.

Just always take a right turn and you’ll be alright.

Sure Dad, just lead the way.

And he did. 

But as far as we walked, there was no sign of the Scottish Highland cows that were supposed to be grazing this area. And I adore these creatures! Though we kept a close eye on any brown and black spot we spotted, nothing moved except birds and insects. Where were they? Various warning signs were all proof we had that these ‘Beatle Cows’ as I call them, even were near. I suppose they were hiding from the three nasty Dutchies. Or laughing at us from behind a tree. 

Then a couple of days later, my dad sent me a photo. Tatataaaaa, they finally showed up. And were caught by my father!


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La Douce France

Curious cows and sunny flowers in France.

We crossed the Jura and Vogezen mountains. Big Black pulled us up through a National Park, where there were trees, trees and more trees. An intense experience on a narrow road with lots of steep and tight corners. ‘Sit still and don’t look down’, I whispered to myself 😉

Thanks, V-man, for keeping us safe x







Listen to Douce France by Charles Trenet – thanks for the tip, Paula! 🙂