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Let the children play

Early this morning, I went for a little walk. The sun on my face, an audiobook in my ears. Ahead, pavers were already at work, and I passed at a safe distance. My way led into the outskirts of our little village, just around the corner. And there was no one that early, except for a couple of horses.

On my way back I saw this sidewalk chalk drawing. And in my mind, I saw a little girl, a piece of chalk in her hand, the tip of her tongue between her teeth. She created a beautiful colorful flower, sky blue and sunny yellow. The image moved me and filled me with hope.

Loesje wrote:

Wat er ook speelt in een land,
laat het vooral de kinderen zijn.

I can’t translate the exact words, for there is a pun in the Dutch words. But it means something like: whatever is happening in a country, let the children play. And in these corona times, they seem to be the only ones who can do so safely. 


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Now that we can no longer carefree roam whenever and wherever we want to due to the coronavirus, now that we work from home and keep our social distance when possible, I want to share photos that bring the outdoors inside. I will describe what made me take those pictures and the way they made me feel. They will be collected under the category OUTSIDE IN. Feel free to join in!Figments outside in

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Ignorant entity changes the world’s focus


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Viruses are the most common biological entities on Earth. And the terrible part of it is, that a virus is no sentient being. It just exists. It has no clue about its effects. If corona had a soul, it would weep bitter tears. Like us.

Posted as part of my Six Word Saturday musings; courtesy of Debbie at Travel with Intent. Will you join us there?