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Teaching sons how to make pancakes



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Christmas Dinner: a Taste of Hungary



Later today, V-man’s family is coming over for an early Christmas dinner. One of the things we are going to serve them is this goulash. I used my mom’s recipe and added a few things of my own. The result is full and spicy. Continue reading “Christmas Dinner: a Taste of Hungary”

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Herbal help for almost saltless soup

My family is coming over on this DuTch(ess) Thanksgiving Day! They’ll arrive soon, so I’m typing like a loon.

Yesterday I spent cooking Indonesian dishes until around 10 pm. And now I’m trying to make the (almost saltless) lunch soup for my father (whose blood pressure is high) more tasteful by adding lots of herbs.

Any other ideas are welcome! 😀



Happy Saturday hugs.

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Chopping ingredients. Tickling taste buds. Soup!




After two weeks of working overtime, it is time to relax. And cooking while listening to an audiobook is just that.

Have a tasty Saturday! x

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Recipe: Rice with pistachios and nectarine

A delicious vegan dish for two, easy and quick to make. Continue reading “Recipe: Rice with pistachios and nectarine”

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Photo: Craving for Freshly Baked Bread

If you could have anything to eat right now, what would it be?

This question had me craving for fresh crispy crusty crunchy delicious bread. And we can’t have a craving running loose in this house. 😉 Nor a hungry teenager!

So after almost three hours of waiting, finally this emerged:

Ten minutes later my son’s patience was rewarded with:

A fresh tuna sandwich with cucumber and dill.

Do I need to say the smell is tantalizing? Yummy!

What would YOU like to eat today? 🙂

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A touch of Craziness

Day 11 of the ‘Post A Day 2011′ challenge:

What do you want to be remembered for?

It is 1 PM and I’m sitting in a bar. I need a drink. Not that I’m here for the booze – I’ve ordered  liquorice tea – but my eldest son is about to take his first theory driving test. The place is filled with nervous young people, who are all studying their books last-minute or look around, pretty stressed out. Nick was asking me all kinds of questions on the way here. About road signs, blue stripes and reflectors along the highway. Perhaps I should be the one taking this exam because an awful lot of theory seems to have changed in the last 25 years.

And there he goes… good luck Nick!

Today’s topic in PostADay2011 is ‘What do you want to be remembered for?’. I have been wondering about this since I read the WordPress mail last night. What would I like people to remember about me?

Perhaps my many talents in housekeeping? *big grin* NO WAY I will be remembered for housekeeping, at least not in a positive way. What a huge waste of time. I don’t mind cleaning, but I do mind turning my back, only to have a couple of kids running in with big wet muddy shoes on my sparkling white tiles. And I do mind the cat pushing his nose against the window when I just cleaned them. But I know this simply is the way it works, so I have given up on keeping my house squeaky clean each day.

Or for my work experience and wisdom? *wink* Whenever I’m not at the Academy, whether by leave or illness, people tell me they miss me. That I have to come back as soon as possible, some with a smile, some dead serious. Still this is work and when I stop at the university, another person will take my place. I’m proud of what I do, but it is not who I am.

What about my cooking? I love to make exotic meals and my partner always tells me they’re delicious. My favorite is the Indonesian kitchen, followed on close heels by Spanish, Mexican and Italian dishes mmm. When the kids were small, I used to make three kinds of dinner a day: a Dutch one for my ex-husband and my youngest son, other dishes for my eldest son who needed special food, plus a vegetarian variation for myself. Later on my son was allowed to eat other stuff as well, so the cooking became easier. Nowadays I try to bring variation in the weekly menu: cooked ‘taters (typical for a Dutch dinner) twice a week max, rice (my favorite), beans and pasta dishes. The boys don’t mind me working Thursday evenings at all: that night they call for pizza and French fries.

Of course these are pretty nice accomplishments, but I guess I’d rather be remembered for the things that are unique and special in a person. Out of love and friendship, for my mirth (a bit too much at times, according to Nick) and a healthy touch of craziness. Remembered because of my imagination and fantasy, translated into writing. For me – not as mother, partner or daughter – but for my spirit and soul. Luckily there are still lots of memories to be made.

In what way do you want to be remembered?

Ps Unfortunately Nick failed the test by one wrong answer.