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CBW: Construction


The harbor of Malta, 2018,


Ground Zero, New York, back in 2010:




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View without a View

Remember my blog post about the trees right behind my back yard? The trees that are not there anymore? If you don’t, then here is the link: They Are Killing My Trees!!

Today it is time for a new episode: View without a View. See for yourself:

The gray and white concrete slabs are my new back-neighbors’ houses under construction. And they are damn close! What will these people do, share my garden? They will have tiny yards and I feel sorry for them.

But this is not the home and yard I bought. This is pollution of my former green view. Perhaps I should build a huge fence on my shed to block it. Perhaps I should boycot the construction, tear down the slabs 😉 My terrace is near the house, so in full view of the newcomers. I guess in the end the only thing to do is to get used to it.

But perhaps I can paint my house and shed in merry colors to counter the effect. Which will probably be forbidden by Dutch law. Or put sun collectors upright on my shed’s roof. Or… any suggestions would be fine!

The good news is that my porch swing is still hidden behind the last bush on the right. A refuge for reading 🙂