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Birds in Winter

Today not a challenge, nor poem or haiku. Just a couple of birds having fun in a park where I walked on a mellow winter’s day.

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Only one month of winter left. Do you long for that mild weather only spring can bring? Or are you still rolling around in the snow, savoring the crisp cold air?

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A touch of spring


In midst of winter

when icy rain

chills your bones

do not despair

let hope blossom

in your heart

for cold will fade

and sun return

’cause underneath

memories of spring

lie dormant


for nature’s call


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Drat, Winter

My Saturday in six words:

Bleary eyes. Red Nose. Drat, Winter!



Want to play along? All that’s necessary to participate is to describe your life (or something) in a phrase using just six words.

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In the Spirit of Winter


Wet droplets in gray skies
seep color from my world,
trickle down the window
and dress my house
in sheets of coldness

Tonight snow flakes
whirl, they twirl
like a girl in dance
their whiteness descends
into mushy layer

So let’s stay in, my love
and wrap ourselves
in blanket warmth
while our eyes reflect
golden candle light

Leave gloves and scarf
and come, cuddle close
where heart meets heart
near the fireplace
‘cause winter is coming


MC Driessen blogs

Spirit of winter

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fwf-badge-pinkThis post was written for Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday prompt

In the spirit of Winter

Use one or more of the words to inspire your pen: winter berries, candles, ice crystals, snow flakes, seasonal, winter, holidays, Christmas, family, eating, religion, Santa Claus, reindeer, blizzard, snowstorm, peppermint, hot chocolate, gloves, scarf, boots, fireplace.

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No Alanis Morissette for me tonight

And here I am, observing the birds in my back yard, chasing each other around to get the best bite of peanuts, sunflower seeds and peanut butter.

Gloriously relaxed, watching Monk, while sipping tea.

Not at work slaving away, but home. Sweet home.

On top of that, tonight is the Guardian Angel Tour 2012 of Alanis Morissette in Tilburg. A concert I’ve been looking forward to for months! A concert that is sold out! The only concert she gives here in Holland! A concert I have two tickets to! 😀

I am one lucky woman.


I also have a coldflu, whatever, wich makes my head and throat hurt. My muscles ache. My stamina back to zero and my eyes water. Stupid germs, bacteria and viruses that are torturing my body so I can’t hear Alanis sing live in front of me tonight… I am pissed off and raving mad most disappointed. But above all, I’m sad.

A lady friend will accompany my partner to Tilburg in my place. Please enjoy triple for me? *hugs*

So here I am, observing the birds in my back yard, chasing each other around to get the best bite of peanuts, sunflower seeds and peanut butter.


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PS. Here’s a photo my friend sent me during the concert. She also called me three times to let me hear the music. I only heard a lot of noise and applause, but was touched by her gesture.

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Dutch Fever

Six Word Saturday. Want to play along? All that’s necessary to participate is to describe your life (or something) in a phrase using just six words.


Through Cold and Ice, Dutch Fever

The cold has struck Europe. Hard. After a very mellow winter, suddenly temperatures plummeted, especially in the east of Europe. In the Ukraine, over forty-three people died, twenty-eight of them froze to death in the streets. Hospitals are filled with people who suffer from frostbite. More deaths in Poland, Romania, Russia, Bulgaria and Serbia. Most of the victims were homeless people.

The north of Finland has to deal with almost -40°C, in the north-west of Bulgaria temperatures dropped to -30°C, and even in Greece – sunny Greece – many schools were closed, due to cold. Ferry services have been cancelled because of storms and Athens has opened its public halls to twenty thousand residents who have become homeless because of the crisis. And the weather will worsen, with snow on Crete.

Here in Holland, a century old fever is starting to rise. If first appeared in 1909, a fever that grows more severe with every frosty day. The colder it gets, the higher the Dutch fever flares. It is called the Elfstedentocht-fever. The Elfstedentocht (Eleven Cities Tour) is the world’s largest and longest (200 kilometers / 124 miles) speed skating competition and leisure skating tour, and is held in the province of Friesland.

The last time the ice had the required thickness of fifteen centimeters along the entire course was in 1997, and on January 4th of that year, the Eleven Cities Tour started. It was extremely heavy. Temperatures were still below zero in daytime, ‘up’ to -3°C, but because of the heavy winds it felt more like -15°C! The 1997 Tour was the heaviest since the legendary 1963 Elfstedentocht. The Elfstedentocht of 1963 is known as ‘The hell of ’63’, when only 1% of the contestants finished the race, due to the extremely low temperatures -18°C and a harsh eastern wind. Conditions were so horrendous that the winner of ’63, Reinier Paping, became a national hero, and the tour itself legendary.

At the moment the ice is nowhere near the required thickness yet, but the fever is rising. Time to get my own temperature up now, my back yard is covered in a thick layer of snow (by Dutch standards ;)), and I need to shovel a path to the shed. Have a warm weekend!


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