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Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

This week’s WordPress challenge: share a picture that means SUMMER to you.

Can you imagine waking up to the warmth of the sun and having this simple but delicious breakfast outside, where a light breeze is teasing you?

I can… *smiles*

Feel welcome to check out other photos of the Weekly Photo Challenge at!

PS Today it’s birthday pie for everyone!   🙂

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Where The Wind Sleeps

Wind, earth’s breath
ethereal and invisible
unseen but tangible
voiceless yet audible

Wind, soft as a new born baby
the merest stir in the air
when I close my eyes
I feel you with my heart

Wind, gentlest of breeze
you touch me, yet you don’t
tempting, luring, caressing
a butterfly flutter delight

Wind, kind of frisky
on a hot summer day
evaporating a sheen of pearls
on my rosy cheeks

Wind, naughty as a youngster
playfully catch at my hair
blow leaves on my path
to shower my feet in softness

Wind, a restless singing
dashing over tile and roof
arousing trees from slumber
to join in a spirit dance

Wind, howling, screeching
whipping up the waves
into untamable mountains
savage and wild

Wind, violent, destructive
turning round and round
taking everything with you
on your path of doom

Wind, silent, still
in the eye of a cyclone
Wind, dear dangerous wind
is this the place where you sleep?