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Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

I love wood. I grew up with the scents of wood and glue, since my Dad has a workshop with all tools imaginable. He has always created things – still does actually – like Gyro Gearloose.

This little dog I made out of red meranti wood:

The brass frog once scared my neighbor. Senseless. She screamed and ran away. I was showing her the black wax model I molded. She thought it was real:

I crafted both the dog and the frog a long, long time ago, but they live where ever I live. Sturdy pets! 😉

Last year I created this silver-green dragon. It has been a guest at Figments before:

Witness its birth:

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Music & more: Hornsmoke

Could I please have twelve minutes of your time? Only twelve? I promise you won’t regret it! I will give you music, comedy and drama in a mix of pure entertainment.


Ladies and gentleman, I proudly present:


a Horse Opera in One Act

by Canadian Brass

Enjoy 🙂

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Art: The Dancing Jester

Last weekend in Arnhem I came upon this jolly fellow:

Artist: Hans Bayens

Tempting, mocking

yet so still
A dancing half bow
in brass will

Existence frozen
lives pass by
One day you’ll step down
catch their eye

Do not mind the laughs
the pester
For you will always be
my Jester