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Day 3 of the ‘Post A Day 2011′ challenge:

What’s the single most important thing you accomplished in 2010?

The year 2010 was a marvelous one for my personal development.  The urge to do ‘something’ with my writing grew ever stronger. For years I had been participating in The One Ring forum – J.R.R. Tolkien-related – as ‘drieske’. And then in February I finally took things into my own hands and actually did something about my dream, in stead of only dreaming about it.

Soon my website was a fact, where I could gather all the stuff I had written during the last decade. Then later on I discovered WordPress and divided and imported the content into different blogs: Figments of a Dutchess for English posts, Drieske’s blog for writing in Dutch – a thing I had never done before, though I’m Dutch, and Dungeon Dutchess about the Dungeons & Dragons adventures of our group. Plus I started my first writing group called Blog Maar Raak!

I’m also attending a course in writing short stories and novels, so I can learn more about technical stuff and rules. Writing is hard work! Not all comes from inspiration, let me tell you that.

In autumn I mailed the editorial office of our university newspaper and applied for columnist. The newspaper didn’t have a vacancy, but they were working on a website for employees and asked if I was interested. WAS I INTERESTED? Well YES, totally! Since then I’ve been writing columns (in Dutch) fortnightly.

All of this together has grown into a wonderful experience: I’m writing, sharing thoughts and opinions! And through this, I met new friends from all over the world. Everyone has been so supportive and encouraging, it’s heart warming and an enormous boost for my self-confidence. I’ve been receiving messages in which readers tell me they enjoy my work and that I simply HAVE to continue. And this combination of actions – to grab the opportunity and GO for it – for me has been the most important accomplishment in 2010.

Can you guess what my word of the year 2011 is?