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Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit


no sleep

without words

to clear my mind


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My bed! With me in it!

My dearest WordPress,

Today you want me to tell you where I will beam myself first when teleportation is finally possible. Thank you kindly for this once in a lifetime offer on this early Friday morning.

I’m sorry to inform you that my brain still is not working at full speed right now, let alone warp speed. Is warp speed needed to be able to teleport? I will have to trust blindly in your capacities to take me away.

The only place where I would love to teleport to is a comfortable zone. A place where it is warm and safe. Even hot. A very special place where I can relax and read. With music on demand, and silence as an option. A place to live the wildest dreams. Where breakfasts are the best in the whole world, and late night snacks frisky. A unique spot where that teleport beam may take me right this instance…

My BED! With me in it! 😉

Kind regards,
~ Marion a.k.a. Dutchess