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Hopes, dreams and byways



and so many dreams

I have for you, sweetheart

your road is paved

with solid bricks

in graceful patters

quick, but with imagination

relaxed, yet with passion

and always forward


The road you follow now

has too many curves

to my liking



even dead ends

but tastes differ

you sense life

and feel it your way


I let go of your hand

wave and smile at you

and watch while you take

a different path

with head held high

a byway

that in time

will surely become

your highway


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Word of 2014: Enough


it’s enough

dear friends

absolutely enough

I have enough

plain enough

I have had enough

of violence


of more




it’s enough

more than enough

be happy

with who you are

and remember


is good enough


are good enough!



In 2014 my thoughts and actions will be guided by ENOUGH. Taking a step back in stead of rushing headlong into the madness of the daily stress-race. Taking a moment to enjoy what we have and live in that moment. Because it truly is enough.

Which word will you choose?

Come, tell me! 🙂

Wishing you all a happy New Year, with enough…


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