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Requiem for a mosquito

Why are you this close,
mrs. mosquito?
Don’t you have any friends
to cuddle up to?
Could you at least try
to keep your nose
out of other people’s business?
Because you’re getting
under my skin
and in my blood.

And yet so shy,
dear mosquito,
that you only dare to sing
when it’s dark,
whether solo,
or in a choir.
Please tell me why
you only appear
at night?
Did you perhaps
do something
that cannot see
the light of day?

I beg of you,
let me behold
your graceful dance
in all her glory.
Step into the spotlight
with your slim body
and elegant limbs.
Show your face
and I will worship you
up close.

For now alas, I fear,
I have,
my dear,
full of adoration
with my ovation
clapped you
to death.

I’m so sorry,
that sucks!

The last bit was inspired by the comment of the talented Rick Dijs on the Dutch version of this silly poem.

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My lips are not sealed

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A sloth bear, living at the Safaripark Beekse Bergen in the Netherlands.

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Even wasps get thirsty

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CBWC: Would you dare to pet a feline dragon?

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Somehow Smokey reminds me of a dragon in this photo. Would you dare to pet him?

My entry in Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Pets or stuffed animals. Feel free to check out the other submissions!

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