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CBW: Carvings, sculptures and statues


Seven hectares of paradise, where nature and art meet in all shapes and forms, where you can enjoy a long or short walk in a beautiful park, with forest paths, ponds, and large open spaces with beautiful views.

Beelden in Gees
Schaapsveen 16
7863 TE Gees, the Netherlands

My entry in Cee’s photo challenge: Carvings, sculptures and statues. Feel free to check out the other entries!


And especially for Judy, click on this photo for the original:


Sjaak Smetsers is the artist. And the skirt of the statue is also made of layered glass.


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18 thoughts on “CBW: Carvings, sculptures and statues

          1. Thanks so much, Marion. It is much easier to see in the new photo. I thought the glass was just applied to the front of a clay or metal sculpture. Now I see that the glass is the entire sculpture. My husband was an artist who worked in bronze, metal, wood and clay, but toward the end of his life, he started doing fused glass. He would have loved this sculpture. Very kind of you to go to this extra effort to set me straight.

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                  1. Very unlikely, though. Although my sister was at a national PEO convention in another state and someone serving saw her name and said, looks like we could have relatives in common. Turns out she was the daughter of the woman who married my Grandmother’s sister’s husband after my grandmother’s sister died and she had an album with all of our family photos in it from my grandmother and father’s generation. Back then they would have photos taken to send to relatives so we had not one photo of the homestead of my dad’s family or photos of him as a boy and a young man
                    until this woman sent them to my sister. Talk about coincidences. All of the family photos from the 19th and early 20th. century are those photos. Coincidences do happen.

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                    1. Judy, I found your post (and the test ones) in the spam folder! Had to plow through over 3.000 spam messages and between all the rubbish, I discovered your reply.
                      I love your story about how you obtained the photos of your dear dad’s family! That is wonderful and exciting. This proves that coincidences happen indeed. May they keep happening. ❤


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