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Nature’s temple

Now that we can no longer carefree roam whenever and wherever we want to due to the coronavirus, now that we work from home and keep our social distance when possible, I want to share photos that bring the outdoors inside. I will describe what made me take those pictures and the way they made me feel. They will be collected under the category OUTSIDE IN. Feel free to join in!

We may not have Sequoias in the Netherlands, but these guys are something else as well, right? These silent giants are a powerful sight. They don’t care too much about humanity crawling around their toes down there. Their attention is focused on higher powers, their goal to reach sun and moon. They grow imperturbably throughout the years, even centuries.

Whenever I walk in a forest, I feel surrounded by eternity, a slowness that helps to take away stress. Trees give me peace of mind. No, I’m not hugging them –except maybe once in England– but I can’t resist putting my hand on their gnarled skin.

This photo reminds me of the interior of La Sagrada Familia. But this house of the Gods is natural. It lives, breaths. It is the real deal. Simple and pure, where no gold or splendor is needed. ❤


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