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Feathered friends

Now that we can no longer carefree roam whenever and wherever we want to due to the coronavirus, now that we work from home and keep our social distance when possible, I want to share photos that bring the outdoors inside. I will describe what made me take those pictures and the way they made me feel. They will be collected under the category OUTSIDE IN. Feel free to join in!

The Netherlands is a country with lots of water. V-man and I love to walk or ride our bikes down the path along the river The Mark near the city of Breda. Our country is densely populated, and I get excited each time I see animals ‘in the wild’. One day we came upon these Canada geese, strutting around a lonely white swan. What is not to like about these magnificent birds — apart from their droppings. Like cows, they graze. I don’t know exactly what they find in the grass, but they seem to like it.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to simply take off? To fly away from all your worries and troubles? To soar through the skies and find a nice and quiet spot to wait until all difficulties had gone away. Let’s join these feathered friends and find out.


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