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Outside in

Now that we can no longer carefree roam whenever and wherever we want to due to the coronavirus, now that we work from home and keep our social distance when possible, I want to share photos that bring the outdoors inside. I will describe what made me take those pictures and the way it made me feel. They will be collected under the category OUTSIDE IN. This first post has that same title. Feel free to join in!

This fen is situated in a forest near a residential area. In the background, you can even see the houses on the left side. Still, this place seems mysterious to me. The tranquility, the mossy colors… it evokes a stillness in me, a sense of timelessness. And in this old, slow part of the forest, there’s one fresh green bush. To me, it means that, despite all stateliness, nature does not come to a standstill. She renews each spring! ❤


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