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CBW: Things Made from Wood

Dutch clogs –or wooden shoes– and Friesian skates.



I saw this typically Dutch scene in a museum mill in Unesco World Heritage Kinderdijk.


For nearly a thousand years, the Dutch have been dealing with the water that surrounds them. The sustainable blend of nature and technology used to keep Kinderdijk dry is so uniquely valuable, that the area and its windmills were granted UNESCO World Heritage status in 1997.


The outstanding contribution made by the people of the Netherlands to the technology of handling water is admirably demonstrated by the installations in the Kinderdijk-Elshout area. Construction of hydraulic works for the drainage of land for agriculture and settlement began in the Middle Ages and have continued uninterruptedly to the present day. The site illustrates all the typical features associated with this technology – dykes, reservoirs, pumping stations, administrative buildings and a series of beautifully preserved windmills.




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