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Mother and son. Movies and popcorn.


photo: Pixabay

Mother and son.

Movies and popcorn.

My V-man is occupied otherwise, and my eldest son is out for the weekend. That leaves my youngest son Sean and me with a free Saturday afternoon and evening. Oh yes, quality time!

The weekend is here. What is your plan for today? 😀
Whatever it is, make it a good one!

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Caretaker of lads and cat. Writer. Typing away on my second feelgood novel, creating time during busy days, and nights if needed. Because I'd love to introduce you to the wonderful people who are living in my mind. Avid reader. RPGamer. No lady, but all woman.

8 thoughts on “Mother and son. Movies and popcorn.

    1. A free morning is a blessing in our busy lives. Great that you are roaming the blog world, and thank you so much for dropping by! I hope your errands go smoothly. Enjoy the weekend and stay warm! It is finally raining in Holland.


  1. Sounds just great, Marion! My plan was a meetup with our latest puppy’s siblings and mother. And the owners of course…A day at the beach with those wild things racing and running in the waves. Cold, windy, snowy, rainy – but great fun. Now the wild thing has been showered and I am warming up with hot soup and some blogging. Tonight I don’t know…more warming up I guess – I am cold to the bones…

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    1. Watching those happy critters frolicking around, barking and nipping at waves, must be so much fun!
      I do hope your poor bones are warmed up by now. Snuggle up to the sleeping puppy on the couch under a blanket. Hugs, have a great evening.


  2. Lovely post! It’s Saturday lunchtime here in London, I’ve spent the morning doing housewife duties, stripping the bed and doing the laundry. About to take a shower and get ready to go to the shops this afternoon with my wife, I think a hot chocolate date is on the cards today ☕️💞

    Sinéad x | 🌷✨

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