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Herbal help for almost saltless soup

My family is coming over on this DuTch(ess) Thanksgiving Day! They’ll arrive soon, so I’m typing like a loon.

Yesterday I spent cooking Indonesian dishes until around 10 pm. And now I’m trying to make the (almost saltless) lunch soup for my father (whose blood pressure is high) more tasteful by adding lots of herbs.

Any other ideas are welcome! 😀



Happy Saturday hugs.

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5 thoughts on “Herbal help for almost saltless soup

      1. Yes, my late dad was born in Indonesia. His mom was Indonesian and his father was Dutch. So sad that I never got to meet them both, as they died when I was quite young. My dad never saw his parents again after the war, but his mom used to send us parcels of spices and noodles. She looked like a very kind lady in the photos I saw. I have many relatives both in Holland and Indonesia.

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        1. Never meeting your grandparents is sad indeed. * warmest hugs * So glad you saw their photos at least. And have you ever been to Indonesia? On a holiday, or to meet your family on your father’s side?
          Those parcels from overseas must have been very exotic when you were young, like a treasure chest, smelling of sunny islands.

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          1. Some of my dad’s family moved to Holland in the 1950’s, so we visited them a few times in Amsterdam. My mom and dad took a trip to Indonesia after dad retired and were able to locate his parents’ grave and also miraculously, they found some of his relatives who made them very welcome. Apart from a short holiday at a resort in Bali, I’ve not seen much of Indonesia. It did look like a lovely country and I understand why my dad always seemed unhappy living in England.


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