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Mother and son. Movies and popcorn.


photo: Pixabay

Mother and son.

Movies and popcorn.

My V-man is occupied otherwise, and my eldest son is out for the weekend. That leaves my youngest son Sean and me with a free Saturday afternoon and evening. Oh yes, quality time!

The weekend is here. What is your plan for today? 😀
Whatever it is, make it a good one!

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CB&W: Tongues and Tails

Week after week, Cee thinks up fun and interesting photo challenges. And the black and white brings it all into focus. Let’s see what I found in my archives.

First the tongues:

The wonderful Bernese Mountain dog we met on a Sunday walk.


OK, the goat swallowed her tongue a bit, but at least she opened her mouth.


Then the tails:

She turned her back on me! I swear I didn’t do anything wrong!


Many tails and tales in Greece.


Tail by tail.


Typical cat behavior as soon as they spot a camera.


I hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I enjoyed searching for them. Have a colorful weekend!

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Herbal help for almost saltless soup

My family is coming over on this DuTch(ess) Thanksgiving Day! They’ll arrive soon, so I’m typing like a loon.

Yesterday I spent cooking Indonesian dishes until around 10 pm. And now I’m trying to make the (almost saltless) lunch soup for my father (whose blood pressure is high) more tasteful by adding lots of herbs.

Any other ideas are welcome! 😀



Happy Saturday hugs.

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