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Travel theme: Spices

Food is good. Food becomes finger lickin’ good with garlic, onions, herbs and spices. Yum! My kitchen just can’t do without my spice rack; a rack my dad made for me over thirty years ago after my own design.


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10 thoughts on “Travel theme: Spices

    1. For it to be really organized, I’d have to buy the exact same brand of herbs and spices, Seonaid, but all I care about is the taste of the ingredients. That’s why it’s a bit of a mess hehehe.
      And might sorting your spice cupboard be your New Year’s resolution? 😉 Hihi.


      1. Very often. I tend to use many…sometimes I buy new ones for new recipes and they are never used again – or seldom. My husband is nagging about that (economical…), but he loves my dishes!

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      • coughs and tries to clear throat * alphabetized? Now who on earth would do such a thing? 😮
        LOL I’m guilty of that crime too, but it’s only practical! Didn’t you tell your kids that, Marian? 😀
        Hugs, my sister of the herbs and spices x


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