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Six Word Saturday

Finally dusting off my work bag…


… because Monday I’m heading back to work. I don’t know for how many hours, since computer / cell phone screens and my eyes and brain still don’t agree and cause nausea, but the vertigo and swirling is abating. And I miss my colleagues and friends at the university, miss being useful. On January 12th finally the appointment with an ophthalmologist at the hospital. I might kiss him – or her; I don’t really care at this stage. 😉

Have a free Saturday.



Caretaker of lads and cat. Writer. Typing away on my second feelgood novel, creating time during busy days, and nights if needed. Because I'd love to introduce you to the wonderful people who are living in my mind. Avid reader. RPGamer. No lady, but all woman.

25 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

    1. The company doctor only lets me work for 4x three hours a week. But I enjoy those hours mightily!
      At the hospital, my eyes were checked out and… they couldn’t find anything wrong with them. But I KNOW and feel something is wrong. It’s getting better day by day, and by the time I get to the right person, my body has healed itself. Which is a good thing, of course, but I have to know what is ailing me, so I can prevent it from happening again.
      In February I have to visit an optometrist, who will check out the way both eyes communicate. Perhaps that will be the solution, something to do with the prisms in my eyes.

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