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Lost in memories
I am so sorry
that you could not love
my loved ones more
the ones I care about too
whether two or four legged
the ones I can’t
I won’t
live without

You were part of my life
but day by day
you drove me a little bit further away
until you could no longer reach me
until I shut down, and out
slammed the doors to my heart
shut tight
to stop the bleeding

I care about you still
but can not share my life
with you anymore
I need more
I am more
than what you want me to be
let me be
I need to be

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I wrote this for Writing 101: Serially Lost: Today, write about a loss. The twist: make this the first post in a three-post series.

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The Blood of my Soul

Ghost Love Score by Nightwish

Years ago I fell in love with Nightwish’s music. I was introduced to this band by my best friend and for that I’m forever grateful. For his friendship too by the way. Ghost Love Score is not a song; it’s a story on its own. Because of the changes in tempo. Because of the story telling. It is orchestral and brings out epic images and feelings in me. Don’t be alarmed by the heavy intro, for it will get lighter along the way and soon you’ll be caught up in the music. Close your eyes and listen. It will take ten minutes and I dare you to sit still! Of course I should be writing now, but I’m whistling and singing. In today’s challenge a lack of inspiration is not the main obstruction for writing; the music is! And I love every second.


Gravity by Sara Bareilles

Whenever this lady sings, I listen. Whenever she brings out an album, I purchase it. Funny songs like King of Anything and Fairytale make me smile. But this song, Gravity, is sung from the heart. The smallness is its grandeur. The feelings resonate in my own soul and I’m lost in thoughts and memories. And my voice blends in with Sara’s. Not because it’s that good, but because she sticks to the lower universes of vocal kingdoms that I can reach too. Repeat…


So She Dances by Josh Groban

His voice is a warm embrace. A relaxing bath after a day’s hard work. And he’s cute too. So She Dances lifts me up to dreams of grace and love. Close but elusive. Lovely!


Music is the blood of my soul…

Writing101badgeI wrote this for Writing 101: Commit to a Writing Practice. “Today, celebrate three songs that are significant to you. For your twist, write for fifteen minutes without stopping — and build a writing habit.”