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Instant Granny

Family planning. Your partner is your soul mate and best friend. Your children successfully glide through their studies and find a great job. Then straight into grandchildren. Yeah, right. When you’re young, you think starting a family is something you plan. Something you can carefully control. Well, those plans don’t always work out the way we hope or want.

The first time I was thinking about starting a family, I was engaged. It was a magical and exciting time. Young love, total faith and… blissfully blind to signs that were clear to all but me. Apparently an engagement is not always enough reason to be faithful. So when my dream was shattered into a million shiny and sharp pieces – slicing my heart in two – my plans for family-making were put on hold. Dumped in the freezer, stuck in time.

But the cold was soothing, and after a while my heart mended and I did get married. My college friend Suzan and I had once struck a deal: we would start a soccer team together and both have four children. They would be so talented, that only eight were enough for the team. She held her part of the bargain and had three sons and one daughter. I, on the other hand, had to stop after two: my body didn’t agree with my family plans. Plus my sons didn’t care for soccer. 😉 But a family it was.

A divorce and two partners later, again I wonder about my family. What happened to family planning? My eldest son is still at home, but my youngest broke off his education and left the nest to live with his girlfriend. But he did go straight into grandchildren. No engagement or marriage: with his lady, he also got two ready-made children.

So all of a sudden I’m an instant granny. From mother to grandmother in the blink of an eye. I don’t need to change diapers or babysit. England is a bit too far to do that on regular basis, and the kids are already potty trained at the age of nine and six. Family planning, yep.

But you know what? I really don’t care that my life is not going the way I originally planned. Each new experience has made my life richer, stronger. And my sons are happy as they are. They have enough faith to make their own choices in life. And that’s what is most important.

Instant Granny… *shakes her head and wonders*


Writing101badgeI wrote this for Writing 101: Unlock the Mind. These prompts do seem to work well, for I had no idea what would flow from my fingers. The assignment: To get started, let’s loosen up. Let’s unlock the mind. Today, take twenty minutes to free write. And don’t think about what you’ll write. Just write. And I did.


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18 thoughts on “Instant Granny

  1. Love this post because I’m sure, like many, I can so relate…the best laid plans, etc. Sometimes “free flow” writing is the best because it’s raw and transparent. And the photo of the beautiful children…wow! You are blessed, Granny! God’s got this :-))


    1. Thanks so much, Cheryl. This photo was taken a long time ago, when my sons were still young. The two in the middle are my sister’s children.
      I really like the free flow writing… but only when the subject became clear in my head haha.


  2. It is no surprise to me that once you ‘unlock’ your mind such a beautiful story flows from your fingers 🙂
    And…even if your far away as an ‘instant granny’ those 2 ‘bonus’ grandchilderen are very lucky to have you as an open minded grandparent 😉 Whatever time may bring in the future for you and your family..make the very best of it, just like you are always doing. It is one of the big reasons why i admire you. XXX


  3. It was a true delight to read your story, Marion. Somehow made me think of the expression: “Tell God about your plans and he will laugh at them” 🙂 I think we all do get into family planning in one moment or another – how it will be, what will follow what but it is too often that everything just goes….south! And I would love to believe that maybe the unplanned things turn out to be among the best ones – if not at once, then maybe through the consqeuences they bring along. Or through the people we meet when they happen. Not always the case, I know, but…”always” can’ t be planned either! 🙂


    1. You are so right, Ese. Life can be cruel, but life can be kind too. And the unexpected is much more exciting than things that are carefully planned. I still have hopes that George Clooney one day will turn up at my door. 😉


  4. sometimes the best part of life is just that, the bits you didnt plan on, prepare for, or knew you wanted. It all works out, and isnt it amazing how you suddenly can’t imagine any other life than the one you didnt plan for?


  5. I know what you mean, perhaps not from the instant granny aspect, but definitely about family planning. I spent the better part of my youth trying to get myself together. Next thing I know I’m knocking on 30, about to get married and become a Smommy (Step-mommy) of 3. No diapers, not potty training, no colds or runny noses. No up all night worrying. Boom there they were. . .and now they’re off in the world doing their own thing. Living their own lives. Makes me a wee bit sad. I may just decide to have a crumb snatcher of my own. . .maybe next year. 😉 I look forward to reading more from you. Keep posting.


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