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6WS: Boris is missing

My Saturday in Six Words (and some more):


Today I was supposed to go to a Lady’s Fair, where several talented friends sell their silver jewelry, art and clothes. But my plans have changed. Boris is missing! And I have to find him!

When I came home from work Thursday evening, the cats were eager to go out into the back yard. I opened the window for them and they jumped out into the dark. It was a warm summer’s night and they hadn’t eaten yet, so they were bound to return in a little while. But then I noticed the cat bowl was filled with food: my son had taken care of them while I was away. I hurried outside to call them and two responded to my whistling, since my whistle ususally means CAT TREATS. Boris didn’t come though. He’s a big boy, I thought, tomorrow morning he will be back, begging for food after a night of partying. I’m still waiting for him to do that. No Boris in the morning, no Boris in the evening. I keep waking up in the middle of the night and drag my tired body downstairs to check out both the front and back door. Nothing.

The neighbors are alerted and I searched the district, called the animal shelter and the vet and filled in forms and sent photos, reported Boris missing on several sites (he’s chipped). Next on my list is making cards on which I ask the residents of the the houses in our neighborhood to check out their garages and sheds. But most of all I am worrying and fretting over what has happened to him. Smokey also misses his buddy. He’s following me around like a shadow.

Sweet Boris, come back. We miss you!


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54 thoughts on “6WS: Boris is missing

  1. oh my dear, i know just how that feels, ive lost more than one to coyotes, or whatever else is out there, and that feeling in the pit of your stomach just never goes away. I feel sorry for Smokey, too; they do bond, and they do fret when the other one goes missing.

    And its not your fault. Remember that.


    1. I’m so sorry you’ve lost pets too. They get into your heart and will never leave again.
      After two weeks, my hope for Boris’ safe return is growing very small. If he’s still out there somewhere, I wish him all the best and I keep longing for his return.


  2. I hope you find Boris really early today and can still go to the fair later. I don’t know much about cats, but I know dogs can be gone awhile and will still return. If he’s been outside before at your new place, I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t come back there. You’ll still have good weather for a while, I presume. Thinking of you.


    1. The weather is fine, fortunately. The fair was yesterday, and now – on Sunday – he still hasn’t returned. 😦
      I will be SO relieved when he gets back to his new home. I have alerted his former owner too, but he lives far away from here.
      Thanks for your concern, Christine. hugs


    1. I’m beginning to doubt his return now, Sylvia. My back yard was the only place he was used to these last two weeks. I kept Boris inside for the first four weeks, and after that only under my supervision. Thanks for the hugs, really appreciated x


        1. One of the neighbors told me she had seen Boris on top of the shed late Thursday night. I have been calling his name each day near that place, searched for him, but I can’t climb over the walls to take a look. That’s why I posted cards with a request to check out sheds and garages in the whole neighborhood.


  3. Oh, Boris, you bad boy! Come home to your mom and your friends! Those ginger cats are real wanderers. I hope Boris comes home, or at least that you learn what “better offer” he accepted. As if he could FIND a better offer than your house!


          1. Oh, it always made me so MAD when I adopted a stray and he (always a HE) decided somebody else had a better deal going! My marmalade boy, Jimmy, ran off to be somebody else’s cat. I know that’s what happened, because our oldest daughter caught him loafing around in another cat lady’s yard! We just left him there: that lady wanted him, and that’s obviously where he preferred to be, but it sure hurt my “feelers”!


  4. I do hope your kitty returns! I have two, and I fight with them at the door all the time. I don’t let them out, for I fear their wanderlust. I’m always afraid they’ll get a better offer! Boris will be home soon.


    1. I can imagine you want to keep your cats inside, to protect them. My cats – I have Boris and Smokey for only six weeks – are used to go outside so I can’t, I won’t keep them in. But they stayed in the back yard… until last Thursday.


    1. Still no sign of him, Kathryn. Friends are assuring me that this is perfectly natural, but Boris has been with us for only six weeks. I’m afraid he will try to return to his old house, which is far away.
      Will let you all know the instant he returns. For that he will!


      1. Oh I hope so!!! Marion I am curious. Where do you live in the NL? I f you told me I forgot sorry.. If you don’t want to write it publicly you can email me?


  5. Our outdoor cat Monster (named by my son) and being a Tom true at heart, many times has a longing for a lady or two kitty himself, and he’s known to wander off for a few days at a time. We live in the country and it’s pretty safe, but as a mom you always worry.


    1. Bedankt, Jaap. Heb alle instanties ingelicht en kaartjes bij alle omliggende huizen in de brievenbus gedaan met de oproep even in schuren en garages te kijken. Hopelijk komt hij gauw weer terug.


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