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Travel theme: Orange

Orange, yet not orange!

It took a lot of courage to take this photo. Food like this gives me the shivers. All those legs, claws, tails, eyes and other protrusions. But of course these fresh sea dishes are aplenty in Portugal.

For the record: this was not my food. Yikes! 😉


 click for a(n even) larger view



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10 thoughts on “Travel theme: Orange

    1. Once again I tried a prawn when I was having dinner with some friends, but I had to look the other way and close my eyes before I was able to separate the tail and the body of the poor beast. Fortunately there were no heads attached to those prawns. I even ate one, after thoroughly grilling it until there was almost nothing left haha.


    1. Do you like all prawns? Here in Holland we have also the tiny ones and I tried eating those as well. I won’t bother you with the result. 😉
      I could probably eat the big ones though, as long as they are marinated and well grilled, so the meat won’t be so spongy.


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