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Nanu Nanu, vultures

What is it with those media? A great man has died, and immediately they jump Mr. Robin Williams’ memory like famished vultures on a funeral spree. Yes! Let’s dive in and drag up all we can find. Hello? The dear man is dead?! I don’t care about his private affairs, about the troubles in his life. What good does it do when we all know exactly what he did or didn’t use. It is just none of our business.

Better take a look at what he has accomplished in: 

  • 2015: Absolutely Anything (post-production) | Dennis the Dog (voice)
  • 2014: Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb (post-production) | Teddy Roosevelt
  • 2014: Merry Friggin’ Christmas (post-production) | Mitch
  • 2014: The Angriest Man in Brooklyn | Henry Altmann
  • 2014: Boulevard | Nolan Mack
  • 2013: Robin Williams in Multiple Exposures (Short)
  • 2013: The Face of Love | Roger
  • 2013: Lee Daniels’ The Butler | Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • 2013: The Big Wedding | Father Moinighan
  • 2011: Happy Feet 2 | Ramon / Lovelace (voice)
  • 2009: Old Dogs | Dan
  • 2009: Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian | Teddy Roosevelt
  • 2009: World’s Greatest Dad | Lance
  • 2009: Shrink | Holden
  • 2007: August Rush | Maxwell ‘Wizard’ Wallace
  • 2007: License to Wed | Reverend Frank
  • 2006: Night at the Museum | Teddy Roosevelt
  • 2006: Happy Feet | Ramon / Lovelace (voice)
  • 2006: Man of the Year | Tom Dobbs
  • 2006: Everyone’s Hero | Napoleon Cross (voice, uncredited)
  • 2006: RV | Bob Munro
  • 2006: The Night Listener | Gabriel Noone
  • 2005: The Big White | Paul Barnell
  • 2005: Robots | Fender (voice)
  • 2004: Noel | Charlie Boyd / The Priest (uncredited)
  • 2004: House of D | Pappass
  • 2004: The Final Cut | Alan Hakman
  • 2002: Insomnia | Walter Finch
  • 2002: Death to Smoochy | Rainbow Randolph
  • 2002: One Hour Photo | Seymour Parrish
  • 2001: A.I. Artificial Intelligence | Dr. Know (voice)
  • 1999: Bicentennial Man | Andrew Martin
  • 1999: Jakob the Liar | Jakob
  • 1998: Patch Adams | Patch Adams
  • 1998: What Dreams May Come | Chris Nielsen
  • 1997: Good Will Hunting | Sean Maguire
  • 1997: Flubber | Professor Philip Brainard
  • 1997: Deconstructing Harry | Mel
  • 1997: Fathers’ Day | Dale Putley
  • 1996: Hamlet | Osric
  • 1996: The Secret Agent | Assassin (uncredited)
  • 1996: Jack | Jack Powell
  • 1996: The Birdcage | Armand Goldman
  • 1995: Jumanji | Alan Parrish
  • 1995: To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar | John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt (uncredited)
  • 1995: Nine Months | Dr. Kosevich
  • 1994: Being Human | Hector
  • 1993: Mrs. Doubtfire | Daniel Hillard / Mrs. Doubtfire
  • 1992: Toys | Leslie Zevo
  • 1992: Aladdin | Genie / Merchant (voice)
  • 1992: From Time to Time (Short) | Timekeeper (voice)
  • 1992: FernGully: The Last Rainforest | Batty Koda (voice)
  • 1991: Hook | Peter Banning
  • 1991: The Fisher King | Parry
  • 1991: Shakes the Clown | Mime Class Instructor (as Marty Fromage)
  • 1991: Dead Again | Doctor Cozy Carlisle
  • 1990: Awakenings | Dr. Malcolm Sayer
  • 1990: Cadillac Man | Joey O’Brien
  • 1989: Dead Poets Society | John Keating
  • 1988: Portrait of a White Marriage | Air Conditioning Salesman (uncredited)
  • 1988: The Adventures of Baron Munchausen | King of the Moon (as Ray D. Tutto)
  • 1987: Good Morning, Vietnam | Adrian Cronauer
  • 1986: Seize the Day | Tommy Wilhelm
  • 1986: Club Paradise | Jack Moniker
  • 1986 The Best of Times | Jack Dundee
  • 1984: Moscow on the Hudson | Vladimir Ivanoff
  • 1983: The Survivors | Donald Quinelle
  • 1982: The World According to Garp | Garp
  • 1980: Popeye | Popeye
  • 1977: Can I Do It ‘Till I Need Glasses? | Lawyer / Man with Tooth Ache

Source: IMDB

Robin left bits and parts of himself, a gift from him to us all. Impressive and unique. I care about the person he was, the wealth of feelings and emotions he gave to us by pouring all he had in his characters. He gave away so much of his emotions and happiness. Perhaps too much. Leave him and his legacy alone and honor him for who he was. A great man, actor, husband, father, friend, son and so much more. Please.

Mr. Robin Williams, rest in peace.

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15 thoughts on “Nanu Nanu, vultures

  1. I so agree with you, Marion, and thank you for listing all his achievements here. He was such a great actor and I thoroughly enjoyed so many of his movies. Until we’ve ‘walked a mile in someone’s shoes’, we have no right to pass an opinion, let alone pass judgment on their personal life. (Maybe we wouldn’t even be able to make that mile.) I’m truly sad that he’s gone.


  2. I was so very sad to hear of his death. A man who gave so much to all of us yet had such terrible inner turmoil.
    What amazed me was the beautiful outpouring on Facebook. Everyone seemed to feel as sad as I did, which really, says a lot about how much respect people had for Robin Williams.

    Just 24 hours later I started to feel very angry. He’d been critisied publicly on Fox news and to add to that his poor, grieving daughter had abandoned Twitter because of nasty comments.

    My father-in-law hung himself this year and it’s a terrible experience for the family. Everyone around us has treated us with absolute respect and support. That’s exactly what the Williams family also deserve. The media/nasty people have no right to drag up his past or insult his memory or complain about him being ‘selfish’. If your opinion isn’t polite and respectful then keep it to yourself because the ONLY thing that is important right now is what that family is going through.


    1. Big warm hugs to you and your family, dear Sarah. That must have been so very difficult, and it probably still is, sad and heartbreaking. I’m very sorry.

      Robin Williams was loved all around the globe, and yes, he deserves our respect – and so does his family!


  3. ” He gave away so much of his emotions and happiness.” I agree with you he was a very generous man. I wish speculation and media vultures would stop and show respect.


  4. I never understand people who feel to react like that. Sometimes i read comments on subject @ the page of Omroep Brabant. And if i do that i often stop reading them. Unbelievable what people dare ‘to say’on delicate news, hurting other people and relatives even more. Let him rest and find his Peace indeed. x Thanks for ‘your voice’ in this matter Marion


  5. thank you, marion, for doing this. it’s called a Body of Work, and its damned impressive, as impressive as the man behind it. Remember the man, and that we’re all flawed, too.


  6. “he gave away so much of his emotions and happiness” .. i agree, i think he should have saved a little bit of happiness for himself.. RIP Robin, you will be missed.


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