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Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist



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20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

  1. Hilarious. It reminds me of signs I once saw long ago at a steep descent in England. It said: cyclists use your brakes NOW. And two hundred meters down the road just before a blind turn there was another one: do not say we did not warn you! in the bend was a blind wall 🙂


  2. Ongelooflijk hoe jij oog hebt voor dit soort taalspelletjes …
    Ik vraag me af of jij soms ook, net als ik, die gekke neiging hebt om van de letters van nummerplaten hele zinnen te bouwen, wanneer je onderweg bent …(?)
    Wat een grappige manier van publiciteit voeren trouwens.


    1. All is well, Janet, thanks for asking. I’m just so busy. Have been in Malawi, Africa, for two weeks, on a very intense educational trip. Add my job, my house hold and son and partner and the sum is over 100% hehehe.


  3. We used to love reading the Burma Shave saying along the state highways before the interstate system and speeds too fast to read signs like these. Really like this post.


    1. It seems so! I didn’t know the name of this kind of campaigns, shot this photo last year on our road trip through the southwest of the USA. Think it was at or near the General Hackberry Store.


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