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More Dungeons. And Dragons.

While the first spring shower is washing my windows clean – well, at least wet – I finally have an evening to myself. For due to that same rain, the weekly stroll with my two canine buddies was cancelled. One of the ladies is terrified of thunderstorms, so we didn’t dare take the risk. Plus I didn’t want to be sizzled by a stray lightning bolt. The effects are devastating, as you can read in Hallway of Horror.

You see, your DuTchess may have been silent on Figments last week, but I have not been idle! There was another Dungeons and Dragons weekend coming up and I wrote six posts on my site Dungeon Dutchess. The adventures are only a click away…


Sarcoma Keep


Open Sesame


140330vampire spawn
Hallway of Horror


Of Bats and Rats


2014-02-16 13.37.11
The Principles


One, two… Principle missing!


What happened this weekend, you ask? I’m afraid that will have to wait until next time. But it was very, very exciting. I had to pass an important test in game and was kind of nervous. But while my dice rolling hands were shaking a bit in this world, in Faerûn my faith never wavered. Don’t worry if this all is abracadabra to you. D&D is hard to explain. I guess you just have to play it.  😉


Caretaker of males, both human and feline. No lady, but all woman. Avid reader and photographer. Determined to find writing time during busy days. And nights if needed. Because I need you to meet the wonderful people who are living in my mind.

11 thoughts on “More Dungeons. And Dragons.

  1. I have heard of getting lost playing these games….I would so love to get lost too. Years ago I used to role play online, and for those few hours I was a faerie or a sorceress, and it was heaven to get lost in a story you made up as you went along. I miss those days. Yours sounds perfect!


    1. Then why don’t you start playing online again, Claudia? It is so much fun. I made an account on Steam and purchased Baldur’s Gate II – an RPG. Have played that game until there was no single quest to be found anymore years back. And now the magic starts anew. 😀


        1. This is what I’m playing at the moment:'s_Gate_II:_Shadows_of_Amn.
          It’s possible to play this computer game online with multiple players, but I prefer to play it single player. It’s not like the modern games, which have beautiful images, but the balance and gaming fun in Baldur’s Gate is unique. In my humble opinion that is 😉

          D&D though is not on the computer, it’s a table top game with dice and fantasy. 😀


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