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Travel theme: Gardens

An enchanted garden in Brugge, Belgium. Can you see the fairies? Will they show themselves to you? 🙂

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23 thoughts on “Travel theme: Gardens

  1. So tranquil, the perfect place for fairies. I love courtyard gardens and herbal gardens. Thanks for sharing. (BTW your link on Ailsa’s post links to her post and not yours, I have added your link – hope you don’t mind)
    Jude xx


    1. Mind? That was such a nice thing to do, thank you, Jude! *hugs*

      Often these gardens are dearer to me than the colorful ones. They seem more permanent and mysterious. Plus the herbal gardens harbor a wealth of aromas and flavors. 🙂


      1. I can’t resist rubbing leaves of herbs, especially rosemary and basil, but I don’t advise it with the curry plant – your fingers smell of curry for days!!


        1. How about lavender, Jude? That smell is also very nice.
          Today I have been pruning an herb – unfortunately I don’t remember its name – and my hands still smell sweet and spicy. I have posted photos of my morning in the back yard.


  2. Yes, I see them. And I think it’s clever, how they wear that slinky green brocaded silk, so it’s hard to distinguish them from the frilly green leaves. But you caught the flashes of their wings – good job!


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