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Emptier Nest Syndrome

My Saturday in six words:



Last week my youngest son quite suddenly decided to go and live with his girlfriend in the UK. I don’t know when he’s going to come back, but until then I will miss him. Have fun, son!

And it’s weekend, the time to enjoy and rest. πŸ™‚


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41 thoughts on “Emptier Nest Syndrome

  1. Ah. Now I see. Women have that kind of power over our sons. I posted an excellent article by Krista Ramsey about this on Facebook. You might like to read it.


  2. I was lost for a while when my youngest left…but now I love having my space just for me…not that I don’t love their visits, but after a few days I actually find myself breathing a sigh when they leave


  3. Wow Marion, that is ” breaking news” …
    Love the UK, so i can imagine that his love attracts him there and it is not that far away πŸ˜€
    On the other side…i can also relate to your feelings…you know ;-)…
    Wishing him alllllll the luck he needs to build up his life and a big hug to you! xxx


    1. He chose the perfect place to be indeed, Karin, although it is horrible and wet over there at the moment. And I wanted to move to the south of England one day anyway, so that would be perfect. It is so very lovely there, it felt like home when I was there in 2011. And going back this year, so I might visit them πŸ˜€

      Thanks for your hug, really appreciated.


  4. Thats a tough one. I did it 3 times.. Never gets easier. Rely on the morals and example that you imparted at ages 2-4 and know you did your best. I bet he is a great young man with the strength and determination to care for her. !


    1. You mean I could have stop raising them past their 4th year? πŸ˜‰ Hihi.
      He is a nice quiet young man with loads of humor. Very lovable. I guess others see that too.
      Thanks for your kind words, Kathryn x


  5. I guess when its time, marion, it’s time. And that’s a good attitude. You can’t hang on forever, those babies grow so fast, they’re grown long before you realize it. And they do come back. =)


    1. I know Judy, but he’s stopped his studies twice now, so two years of time and money are down the drain. And now he simply moved to the UK, no job, nothing. But as long as he’s happy, I’m trying to be too.


  6. Hopefully it will be a good and learning experience. I wish him luck, and that goes for you too, I still remember when each of my children headed out the door into their own new worlds! Thankfully they are all still close, and now bringing munchkins as well!


  7. And less washing and ironing, Marion πŸ™‚
    We love them to bits but it really is nice to get your life back when they grow up. (ours still comes home with the washing most weekends! I’m sitting tolerating football on the TV- guess whose preference?) But speaking of young uns, it’s my daughter’s 1st wedding anniversary tomorrow. What a weekend that was!


    1. Plus a slightly less empty refrigerator πŸ˜‰
      You like football that much, Jo, forcing your TV experience on your sweet and innocent son? LOL.
      Happy anniversary, have fun watching the photos and films again and talking about the memories πŸ˜€


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