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Counting down

My Saturday in six words:


My youngest son will fly to London tonight. He is spending the holidays with his girlfriend in the south of England. It will be the first time they actually meet.

I have been counting down ’till his dad picked him up just now to take him to the airport. I will be counting down until the plane lands safely on the other side of the North Sea. But most of all I’ll be counting the beautiful moments I hope they will share. Their first New Year’s Eve together.

Have an amazing trip, dear one, see you next year.

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21 thoughts on “Counting down

  1. I hope your worries will disappear as soon as he will land over there and also when you will hear his happy voice telling about the wonderful New Year’s Eve he has had. My best wishes and fingers crossed, Marion! 🙂


    1. We talked on the phone around midnight, Ese. It took them half an hour to find each other in the crowds at the airport. They made it safely to her home around 2 am, he sent me a text message last night. I’m so relieved 😀 Thanks for your encouraging words! x


  2. They met on the internet? New Year’s Eve sounds as if it will be wonderfully romantic. Happy for them, Marion, but I could almost feel you holding your breath. Have a healthy and beautiful 2014. 🙂


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