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White Polka Dots

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This is a tin can I found at a jumble sale years ago. As you can imagine, my attention was drawn towards the name Driessen. And since my mother’s name is Annie, I just HAD to have it.

Trying to look thoroughly uninterested I picked it up and asked how much it cost. Two euro’s. Oh yes, that tin was going to be mine! As I was about to agree, my former boyfriend dragged me to the side and insisted I should haggle about the price. Haggle? For a couple of euro’s?! No way, somebody else might take off with my treasure! If I see something I like and I think it’s worth it, I just can’t haggle. I simply pay and go home with my trophy. Which I did ๐Ÿ˜‰ This tin has been adorning my cupboard ever since, together with many others.

Yesterday and today, my darlin’ V-man has been painting the walls of my living room ivory white, and as a side effect, various objects were suddenly polka dotted white. The last two walls will be English red. It will make my small room even smaller, but I don’t mind.ย I have been following my man around with paper towels and cleaning rags. So it was a necessity an excellent opportunity to clean the top of my cupboards. Everything was covered in tiny white paint dots. On a thin layer of dust. And spiders. Empty shells of spiders. And other unidentified carcasses. Hey, I never said I was the perfect housewife! But the walls are refreshed now and my collection of tins shines once again.

Have a clean weekend ๐Ÿ™‚


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15 thoughts on “White Polka Dots

    1. You have a red room too? Which room, Kathryn?
      My corridor downstairs and half of my bedroom is red already. Tomorrow we will paint the second wall. The wall with my huge bookcase. Books I have to take out before we can move it. Books that will flood my entire living room oh my. But when it’s done, I’ll take a picture to let you know.


      1. My second bedroom is all red with a black stripe that runs around the top. I always meant to paint a gothic pattern to accompany it but I never did! I love a red room!


  1. Years ago on a lovely summer day I flung open the windows in the parlor to paint the window sills and casings, which needed it badly. When I came back an hour later to admire the work, there was a neat set of cat prints on the sill, and they traveled clear across the floor, a tidy little reminder of Willie. The paw prints are still on the floor, even though willie has been gone for maybe 30 years. I havent the heart to paint over them. Your fascinating discovery and the white dots reminded me of that. Thank you for opening such a lovely little door.


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