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White Polka Dots

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This is a tin can I found at a jumble sale years ago. As you can imagine, my attention was drawn towards the name Driessen. And since my mother’s name is Annie, I just HAD to have it.

Trying to look thoroughly uninterested I picked it up and asked how much it cost. Two euro’s. Oh yes, that tin was going to be mine! As I was about to agree, my former boyfriend dragged me to the side and insisted I should haggle about the price. Haggle? For a couple of euro’s?! No way, somebody else might take off with my treasure! If I see something I like and I think it’s worth it, I just can’t haggle. I simply pay and go home with my trophy. Which I did 😉 This tin has been adorning my cupboard ever since, together with many others.

Yesterday and today, my darlin’ V-man has been painting the walls of my living room ivory white, and as a side effect, various objects were suddenly polka dotted white. The last two walls will be English red. It will make my small room even smaller, but I don’t mind. I have been following my man around with paper towels and cleaning rags. So it was a necessity an excellent opportunity to clean the top of my cupboards. Everything was covered in tiny white paint dots. On a thin layer of dust. And spiders. Empty shells of spiders. And other unidentified carcasses. Hey, I never said I was the perfect housewife! But the walls are refreshed now and my collection of tins shines once again.

Have a clean weekend 🙂

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