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No challenge this time, no story to tell. I just need to share this photo with you, which I found on Facebook. My heart just had a serious meltdown.

I want to give the unknown photographer a huge hug for depicting nobleness, trust and utter kindness in his/her photo. It is absolutely awesome.



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Caretaker of males, both human and feline. No lady, but all woman. Avid reader and photographer. Determined to find writing time during busy days. And nights if needed. Because I need you to meet the wonderful people who are living in my mind.

66 thoughts on “Noble

  1. oh my. I am awash. not much gets to me any more, at this stage, but this one does. And by the set of her little shoulders, you get the sense this little girl knows exactly where she’s going, and so does the horse.


      1. I really like it, very arty ! I am very comfortable in my little theme but I do wish I could change the fonts. I tried the Custom package but it was too complex for me.


        1. I have the custom package too. You should give it another try, it should be fairly easy. Go to the top left corner and choose ‘Adjust’ or something. Then the theme options will open up on the right side. Pick ‘fonts’ and click whatever you like. I advice you to keep the Text size at 0 though.


          1. I was so painful to me I was actually yelling at my computer one night ( a rare sight to behold) my brain just does not adapt to these things very well. (They gave me my money back :))))


            1. Hahaha, I’m sorry but that is funny. My sons are quite used to my frustrated yells when the computer does not behave the way it should.
              Good you have the money back. And as long as you’re comfortable with the lay-out of your blog, all is well πŸ˜€


              1. I just am wistful about a better Header Font is all…..

                I just asked my Ex about Pastry without Lactose and many Jewish people cannot eat dairy and he said that if you find a jewish deli they will carry Pastry and pie you can eat. Quality dubious but still…….


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