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Adjusting My Diet

My Saturday in Six Words:


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The first try resulted in a dense lump, which one could turn into a murder weapon. Today I bought a different kind of flour. Crossing my fingers, still one and a half hour to go 😉

You see, two weeks ago I visited a bio resonance therapist in my battle against allergies and asthma and she told me to avoid * insert drums* :

  • lactose – no problem, I’ve been eating lactose free for over a year now and coping
  • rice – big problem, I love Indonesian food
  • gluten – oh my gosh
  • pork – bacon, I must have bacon!
  • beef – pfff
  • E621 – flavor enhancer in almost all ready-made products

So these last weeks have been a quest for food that I still can eat, inventing new recipes and trying to finds ways to balance them with food for my three men. Fortunately my sons love beans and baked taters. And the V-man loves everything I cook.

The good news is that I can still eat my beloved green smoothies, salted popcorn and crisps! 😀

But I do hope this is temporary…

For the Dutch-readers, I wrote a blog post on Doldriest about my visit to the therapist: Bioresonantie p(e)ri(k)kel(ing)en.

Have a healthy weekend!

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23 thoughts on “Adjusting My Diet

  1. I learned that I have stomach sensitivities to yeast. Therefore when I do eat wheat and gluten I run the risk of digestive upsets. So while I’m not allergic, I have the choice not to run into trouble with my digestive system. Sometimes I just can’t help myself. I’ll eat some bread or pasta or Chinese noodles. But for the most part I try to refrain. Ohhh…the trials and tribulations of a food junkie. 😦


  2. So many are finding they feel better after switching to a gluten-free diet. I was just suggesting to my mom yesterday that we look into it for her. Among her many health issues, she has constant stomach problems. I hope this switch works for you!


    1. Has your Mom given eating gluten-free a try, Terri? And did it help her?
      Last time I saw the therapist, my diet seemed to have helped, because I only reacted to lactose and corn this time. So bit by bit I’m trying to get bread and rice back into the menu. So far so good.


    1. The good news is that apparently the diet worked and I can try to eat more again. Lactose if strictly forbidden though – will be for the rest of my life I guess – and I have to avoid corn these weeks. This Thursday it’s back to the therapist again.


          1. Yes..thats what I was wondering but I did not want to write those words. I am sorry. I do not eat ice cream but do like cream so I know this is hard Marion.


                1. Two weeks ago I called a bakery that specializes in fruit pies and delivers to our university. They didn’t have a single pie without dairy. Other bakeries have, I’m sure of it. And if not, then they should start baking them instantly! 😉


    1. Because of all the additions in the food? And as a result of the polluted air, water and environment in general? I don’t know, Lesley, but it’s frightening to see all the allergies and food intolerances.


    2. Well some intolerances are genetic (mutations) and carry on from parents to their children. If one of the parents is lactose intolerant all the children that person has, will be as well. Meaning that eventually the entire human race will be lactose intolerant. There are more food allergies where this is the case.

      There is a theory out there that says it comes from the way our food is ‘prepared’, in this case mostly the meaty stuff like pigs, cows and lamb. These animals are often fed some created and processed food with added nutrient. While I’m sure the science behind it fits and the animals grow nice and big. It’s not all natural meaning there is a good chance for a deficiency within the meat because of the lack of some ingredients or materials that the food industry yet has to discover. the same can be said farmers that prepare their ground with some created fertilizer to plant their crops on every year to get good results. (This is a theory I’ve seen somewhere before. Don’t have a source on hand. Sorry).

      And Indeed air pollution,…. I believe a measurement of babies born in a polluted area VS a semi clean air environment was, that babies born in polluted area’s were something like 20% smaller and the number of early born was much higher.

      Unfortunately I camp with a number of food allergies/intolerance and asthma myself as well, the same is true for my brother. We’re not sure what foods to avoid yet. Too stubborn to actually act on it or take it to account on everything we eat at this point 😛


      1. I developed the lactose intolerance only two years ago, David, after drinking lots of dairy my whole life. And none of my parents or siblings have it.
        And your theory about the food of cattle is scary but true. We are polluting our earth.
        If you ever want to check out your allergies by bio resonance, I can give you my therapist’s address. Though it’s an out-of-the-box treatment 😉


      2. David thanks for the run down. Yes ‘created fertilizers’ are in existence without doubt. I was thinking too about how we have become so clean now; almost disinfected. I am quite certain that has had an effect on the immune system as well. I think we should all collectively relax on some fronts and pump-up the pressure on others but it seems like such a big battle.
        Every time I turn around the things I thought were supposed to be breakthroughs end up being cast aside and new ‘remedies’ in place.
        Wine stays btw 🙂


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