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Adjusting My Diet

My Saturday in Six Words:


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The first try resulted in a dense lump, which one could turn into a murder weapon. Today I bought a different kind of flour. Crossing my fingers, still one and a half hour to go 😉

You see, two weeks ago I visited a bio resonance therapist in my battle against allergies and asthma and she told me to avoid * insert drums* :

  • lactose – no problem, I’ve been eating lactose free for over a year now and coping
  • rice – big problem, I love Indonesian food
  • gluten – oh my gosh
  • pork – bacon, I must have bacon!
  • beef – pfff
  • E621 – flavor enhancer in almost all ready-made products

So these last weeks have been a quest for food that I still can eat, inventing new recipes and trying to finds ways to balance them with food for my three men. Fortunately my sons love beans and baked taters. And the V-man loves everything I cook.

The good news is that I can still eat my beloved green smoothies, salted popcorn and crisps! 😀

But I do hope this is temporary…

For the Dutch-readers, I wrote a blog post on Doldriest about my visit to the therapist: Bioresonantie p(e)ri(k)kel(ing)en.

Have a healthy weekend!

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Travel theme: Delicate


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

Unseen eyes were watching me, I felt it in my bones. Icy talons latched onto my spine and my intuition screamed. But when I turned, nobody was looking…

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