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Giving Thanks

My Saturday in Six Words:



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Yes, in that combination. For my family is heading over to my house for my DuTchess Thanksgiving as we speak. Mom will bring Limburgse vlaaien, just like the picture in the header, and I have made two apple pies. I also prepared a thick green pea-soup – to be eaten with bread rolls, and chili con carne – to be eaten with rice. But my crazy family probably will heap all together on one plate like they did last year with the spicy sauerkraut oven dish and the exotic Indonesian dishes. I rest my case.

When they arrive in half an hour, we will first attack the pastries and then drive to the woods of Dorst where the youngsters can run around and the oldsters can walk dignified and have deep conversations. Yeah, RIGHT 😉

Then back to my place for drinks and snacks, after which the aforementioned food will hit the table.

Have a nice weekend, all of you!

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