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Mirror Mirror

My Saturday in Six Words:


The newest film of Simon’s Cat, Mirror Mirror. For all cat lovers, and for those who might be one. πŸ™‚

Though I try to avoid mirrors at the moment. After another night from hell there are black valleys of exhaustion under my eyes, and my lungs are dangling over my shoulders. Either the changing of seasons is troubling my trachea, or the thousands of people at the Roger Waters concert last Sunday have been aiming yukkie stuff at me.Β This never abating coughing keeps me awake – perhaps even the whole house and neighborhood, I have to check on that – causes my head to pound (or again it might be an after effect of The Wall drums) and makes me feel (and look) like a limp dishcloth.

So please excuse me, while I watch Simon’s Cat another twenty times. πŸ˜‰ Have a healthy Saturday x



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40 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror

  1. Smiling definitely helps (but is not always easy / possible)! Love the header of your blog btw (before I forget to mention that ;).
    Ha, you were at the Wall concert! My friends were as well. Did you enjoy yourself? Hope your cold or whatever it is will go away soon!


    1. Smiling as often as possible then πŸ™‚ Which header do you mean, Cessie? It changes per post, or do you mean the general one with the flowers, when you look at the overview?
      It was my second The Wall concert and the show is magnificent, though my partner is the real Roger Waters / Pink Floyd fan. I was just keeping him company. Did your friends like it?


  2. Not even kind of a cat lover, however, I feel as though Simon and I shall become fast friends. You’re absolutely right about smiling, though – whether it is physical or emotional ailments, I find that cracking a smile or having a good chuckle chases away the yucky into a distant memory (or at the very least, adds a spoonful of sugar to my distasteful stressors.)

    Thanks for sharing that – clearly there are a few of us who needed this today. Happy 6WS!!


  3. WONDERFUL VIDEO!!!! Thank you so much for sharing–I think I may need to watch it numerous times today–and forward it to all of my fellow cat lovers!
    Here’s hoping that you feel better soon!


  4. Oh poor you, lungs dangling over your shoulders doesn’t sound pleasant. Whenever I catch a cold it goes straight into my asthmatic lungs….so I sympathise. Sending you eucalyptus scented wishes for health πŸ™‚


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