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Almost Coat Time

My Saturday in six words:


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They forced me, yes FORCED me to buy these autumn tokens at the garden center this morning (last photo). And I know the fake furry animals really are not classy or stylish… but to hell with taste: I like them! They give my living room a gentle touch of autumn and silliness. I love silliness 😉

By the way, the little one is nibbling on a real sequoia pine I took home with me from the USA last month.

Enjoy your coat this weekend! 😀

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14 thoughts on “Almost Coat Time

  1. It’s always re-freshing to scroll through your home page, Marion! 🙂 Autumn- I’m still just carrying my cardigan, draped nonchalantly over my shoulders, so I can grip it tightly when the wind turns the corner.
    Loved your POV, and your bull’s head entries, too. 🙂


  2. Yes, the evenings are shortening all to fast. It’s dark around nine, and with a summer with almost no nights fresh in my memory, it’s hard to get accustumed to this foreboding of a winter walking to work in the dark, and back home in the dark. But I’ve ordered myself a new tailored red coat for the coming winter. So don’t say I am not prepared.


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