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Six Word Story Challenge: Vacation

The summer holiday… is over – at least for me. But we still have our memories! Whenever I close my eyes, I see the glorious images and colors of the United States of America. Our four week road trip was unforgettable and is forever etched in my heart.


A vacation or holiday is a specific trip or journey, usually for the purpose of recreation or tourism. People often take a vacation during specific holiday observances, or for specific festivals or celebrations. Vacations are often spent with friends or family.
A person may take a longer break from work, such as a sabbatical, gap year, or career break.

The concept of taking a vacation is a recent invention, and has developed through the last two centuries. Once the idea of travel and recreation was a luxury that only wealthy people could afford. In the Puritan culture of early America, taking a break from work for reasons other than weekly observance of the Sabbath was frowned upon. However, the modern concept of vacation was led by a later religious movement encouraging spiritual retreat and recreation. The notion of breaking from work periodically took root among the middle and working class.

How was your summer vacation? Or is it still calling out to you? Did you stay at home or were you visiting other regions or countries? What do you like, want or need in a holiday? What does it take to make you feel free?

Write a story about your VACATION in just six words. Let a photo or image inspire you to write a story. Or first write the story, and then make or search for a picture to go with it.

Here’s a Six Word Story by Ernest Hemingway.


Such an impact and unseen images in only six words…

Every two weeks on Wednesday I will post a new theme for this Six Word Story Challenge. Publish your Six Word Story on your own website/blog and paste the link to that post in a comment to this one here at Figments. I will include your contribution in this post, forming a list of stories.

Will you join me? Will you? Say you do :D  And share the challenge news!

Have fun writing,



Who’s next? :)

I will post a new Six Word Story Challenge every other week on Wednesday – so the next one on August 28. On alternating Wednesdays you can visit my dear Sister from overseas’ website Marian Allen for her story challenges. Doe je liever mee in het Nederlands, ga dan naar Verbeeld een Verhaal in Zes Woorden: Vakantie.

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23 thoughts on “Six Word Story Challenge: Vacation

    1. A lovely combination of words and image, Indira! I almost want to close my eyes and drift away, that relaxed your story is. Seeeeeee, you can do this! *hugs*

      And there is no correct or incorrect. It is YOUR story and when people read your six words and keep on thinking about the meaning, then your story is good.

      See you in two weeks? 😉


  1. My mouse won’t right click, sob!!

    (six words) Great photos. I have mine and six words, but no way to get it into the frame here. Maybe I will back post it in.

    Much love,


  2. I usually set up my Wednesday post on Tuesday night, so I’ll post my story here. It’s a story that’s all too true for many people:

    Away from work, who am I?


    1. My advice is just to play with the theme in your head, let it circle there for a while and something will come up. It’s about the fun of participating, it doesn’t need to be perfect hehehe *hugs* I just know someday you will grab those six words and make a story with them.


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