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Pottery across the Big Pond

It was 7.30 PM when the doorbell rang. I went to answer it and saw a two-legged cardboard box. Then a head popped up from behind it and there was my neighbor lady, carrying a huge package. When I read the label saying United States, my baffled expression turned into joy and I jumped up and down, realizing what it was.

You see, when we were in San Francisco last month, we met with Julia, my beloved friend and Sister of the heart for over twelve years. Jules had prepared a wonderful surprise for the V-man and me and took us to a pottery paint workshop. Afterwards she promised to send our creations overseas…

A knife, I need a knife, I cried out to Sean, and he jumped up, also curious about what his mother had gotten herself into this time. No, it is not a box full of candy. 😉


I buried myself up to the neck in the foam nuggets and wrapped in bubble plastic was this beauty: the flat bowl my V-man had painted. Isn’t it marvelous?!


After even more digging, my own creation surfaced.


They had survived both the furnace and the overseas trip! When we last saw them, they looked like this:


A ‘bit’ of heat indeed brings out the colors 😉 My friend decorated an olive oil jug in green, purple and black flowers, and it also came out shiny and beautiful. Like this special lady herself. This is a photo Julia sent to me:


Julia, darling, I can’t express (often) enough how much you mean to me. You have made our stay in San Francisco so special, warm and fun. A piece of my heart will always stay with you to shine on your path, and an unbreakable bond is linked between us. Whenever I look at this honey pot, I will think of you and the magical time we spent together. Thank you! ♥

Much love,



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9 thoughts on “Pottery across the Big Pond

  1. *jumps for joy* Oh I can’t tell you that I have been holding my breath hoping that the package made it there in one piece and that the pottery survived as well. I hope that the V-man also loves his creation. I think your honey pot is wonderful!!!

    I too will only know this time together in San Francisco as one of the most cherished and loved of my life. How many times we laughed, also cried (or was that from my legs and feet hurting?). How much we actually managed to squeeze into three days. Three wonderful, glorious days together. From the time I got off the plane back in my home state, I started thinking on how we could do it all again.

    You are such a warm and splendid human my friend. My sister of the heart, my dearest Marion. You are generous, kind and loving. What more could anyone ask for….well nothing really. Meeting V-man was also a kind revelation…warm, caring and genuine. I can’t imagine a more patient man. I know why you love him, because I do too.

    I think I could go on and write and write and write. But for now, enjoy your pottery and think of me when you have your tea.

    Much love,
    Jules ((hugs))


    1. Although it is Wednesday, the V-man isn’t here – he was needed elsewhere on Harley business 😉 – I am absolutely positive he will LOVE his creation when he sees the Stars and Stripes on Friday – or earlier here on Figments.

      The honey pot is on the table in my living room so I can see it each day and go back to that sunny creative Wednesday morning. Five minutes drive and a bit more this time haha.

      I am longing for the day when we meet again en we will make that happen. Then we will visit other beautiful places – in Europe if possible, and if not, I will return to you. Thank you for being you: a loving caring sweet brave straight-forward funny woman with one of the warmest hearts I have ever met. I ♥ you.

      * sips her tea with honey and smiles *


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