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Skin Dipping

Yes. Those are my feet in the Pacific! 😉


And there’s no better place for them for now. Soon I’ll be back home again though, and write about all the figments in my head.

Until then (and after): have so much summer fun!


Caretaker of lads and cats. No lady, but all woman. RPGamer. Avid reader. Writing my first book, squeezing in time during busy days. And nights if needed. Because I'd love to introduce you to the wonderful people who are living in my mind.

8 thoughts on “Skin Dipping

  1. Hehehe, Col, that’s why I called it SKIN dipping 😉 and the water was cold!
    This was at a deserted beach somewhere between San Francisco and Carmel, Hugmamma.
    It is nice to think back to that moment of playing in the water hehehe.


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