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Black as deepest night

Yet bright as the sun, you were

Highlight of my day


This was my first encounter with a raven, a bird living wild and free in Bryce Canyon, yet gentle and intelligent. Suddenly he was there, watching, calm and curious. It was love at first sight!  ♥


Blogger who loves her camera. No lady, but all woman. Caretaker of lads, cats, dungeons & dragons. DuTchess. V-man's biker witch.

12 thoughts on “Raven

  1. I will show this one to my husbie when he gets home.
    Love reading your stories! Long live V-man for this ‘present’ to you. (and greetings to him ofcourse)

    Enjoy Dutchess 🙂
    Especially when you meet your online-friends in a week.
    I know they will love you even more when they meet you ‘ in person’ 😉
    (says this girl who was lucky to catch up with you short for your vacation)



    1. Karin, you know just how to make my day brighter. Thank you so much for your sweet and caring words. I love meeting you through our wonderful friends. Thank you for taking the time to make this road trip even better.
      Much love,


          1. jetzt mal in DE:

            ich schätze, Ihr füllt Eure Taschen heute mit Golddollars an den Einarmigen…Gamer & Zocker’s Paradise…und dann badet ihr im Pool, wie weiland Dagobert Duck…

            …mal sehn, ob das ohne Dictionary verstanden wird ???

            Ihr habt jetzt wohl aktuellen Morgen, um ca. 8 Uhr, breakfirst mit Donats und Milch oder Cola ??? wenn mein international Timer nicht lügt…bei 17h Ortszeit hier…

            schöne Grüße von den Ufern der Eider…


            1. Hi Werner,
              Well, we spent an interesting evening in Vegas, but not with gold dollars haha. If you can understand Dutch, you can read more about it on Perhaps Google Translate can help you out 😉
              Hehehe I like reading your Deutsch, since I grew up near the border.
              We’re nine hours apart I guess, we have been crossing time zones a couple of times, so it’s always a surprise what time it is when we stop.
              No pool swimming, it’s almost 40C here in Bakersfield,. But I hear Holland, so probably Germany as well, is very hot too.
              Take care,


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