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Arches National Park


So much beauty is captured in this park. I liked the bizar formations of the rocks even more than the amazing arches themselves.


We stayed at Moab, a nice little town with good food, interesting shops and the nicest people.

Only nine more days until I meet my sweet and great friend Julia in San Francisco. We’ve never met but we have known each other for over twelve years. And even more online friends will be joining us for lunch there. I am SO excited about that, I just had to tell you. I hope you don’t mind πŸ˜€ Jules will show us around this great city, so you may expect a post (or two) about SF.


The V-man and I are in Cannonville at the moment and will visit a local Fiddler Festival tonight. We are very fortunate! More photos later.

Happy hugs from the DuTchess in the US,


Blogger who loves her camera. No lady, but all woman. Caretaker of lads, cats, dungeons & dragons. DuTchess. V-man's biker witch.

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