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The US of A

Being in The United States of America has been a wonderful experience so far. The scenery  is awesome, magnificent, breathtaking. And the people are very friendly, always  in for a chat, always  ready to help, especially  in restaurants when trying  to decide  what I can eat with my lactose intolerance. All the cream and milk and cheese are dangling  before my nose  but I can’t touch them. And I miss my daily green smoothies hehehe.
Just a small update on the road. Have a wonderful time!

This photo was taken near  the Grand Canyon, an unexpected other canyon of the Little Colorado. Rough, close, pure. I loved  it!



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16 thoughts on “The US of A

  1. How did I miss the fact you were coming here? You are walking the same land. Welcome friend. But as you have already noticed this is a big country. You are across the continent from me, and seeing sights, I might add, that I have yet to travel too. Although I was on Rt 66 and have been to the Grand Canyon twice.

    Are you going to make it to Yosemite when you are in San Francisco? San Francisco is a simply lovely city. Don’t miss driving down Highway 1. Incredible scenery there.

    Have a wonderful time.


    1. Thanks, dear Christine. I haven’t announced online that I was going to the US so you didn’t miss anything hehehe. It is great to be back on your continent (have been to New York before) and I am having a great time! This vacation was given to me as a present for my 50th birthday by my partner, the V-man. How awesome is that? 😀
      Yosemite park is on our list too, yes, Zion, Brice Sequoia – *happy smile*
      Have a great day *hugs*


    1. And now I finally know what a road trip is! Being from Europe, you have no idea about the open spaces here in the US. The freedom, the temptation to simply keep on driving…
      Take off as soon as you can x


  2. a peach of an idea and no Route 66 (???)…and Yellowstone…(?)
    have great adventure holidays, dear Marion…and especially greets to the NSA…carry on spying, “but not US” !!!
    have a good week…


    1. Oh you should indeed, Arald. Next will be the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, then Bryce and Zion, to the Secoia trees (my favorite!!!), Vegas (least favorite), San Francisco, Los Angeles. Am not sure about the exact route though 😉


      1. Zion is really nice too and I absolutely love San Francisco! The Secoia’s are nice too. You still have a lot of fun ahead of you. I was in Las Vegas last week for the Blackboard conference! It’s funny how they rebuilded Parijs, Venice and New York!


  3. Beautiful. This world is so diverse and wonderful. i hope you get a chance to get to Utah.. The best canyons are there. I am a Canadian and was more impressed in Bryce’s and Zion than I was at the Grand Canyon.


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