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6WSC: Wanderer

As you know, every other week on Wednesdays I post a new theme in the Six Word Story Challenge (6WSC). And I’m thrilled to announce that my good friend and talented writer Marian Allen – my Sister from overseas – will launch the 6WSC in the other weeks! Together the two of us will keep you alert and writing 😉

Last Wednesday Marian chose Super of Superfluous? as 6WSC theme. And here’s my entry:



for a larger image, please click the photo


Check out the other contributions: #6WSC Super or Superfluous


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6 thoughts on “6WSC: Wanderer

    1. Hi Graypoet, thanks so much for your wonderful and thoughtful poem.

      The prompt was ‘Super or superfluous’, under the link to Marian Allen’s website; and this post ‘The Wanderer’ was my submission for that challenge.

      This coming Wednesday it’s my turn to make up a theme in the Six Word Writing Challenge, you will find it here @ Figments of a DuTchess.
      When you see ‘Six Word Story Challenge: ‘ in a post, then you will know it’s the writing prompt. In that post I will explain how you can participate: indeed by writing a six word story on your own website and posting the link in the comments.

      But I absolutely LOVE it that you were inspired by my six word story. Feel welcome to do that any time you like to.



          1. Careful what you ask for… I have one of those minds that seems to never turn off. I work at a computer all day, so I just have to close the screen or I’d be multi-tasking on all three screens in front of me….


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