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6WSC: Wanderer

As you know, every other week on Wednesdays I post a new theme in the Six Word Story Challenge (6WSC). And I’m thrilled to announce that my good friend and talented writer Marian Allen – my Sister from overseas – will launch the 6WSC in the other weeks! Together the two of us will keep you alert and writing 😉

Last Wednesday Marian chose Super of Superfluous? as 6WSC theme. And here’s my entry:



for a larger image, please click the photo


Check out the other contributions: #6WSC Super or Superfluous


Caretaker of lads and cat. Writer. Typing away on my second feelgood novel, creating time during busy days, and nights if needed. Because I'd love to introduce you to the wonderful people who are living in my mind. Avid reader. RPGamer. No lady, but all woman.

6 thoughts on “6WSC: Wanderer

    1. Hi Graypoet, thanks so much for your wonderful and thoughtful poem.

      The prompt was ‘Super or superfluous’, under the link to Marian Allen’s website; and this post ‘The Wanderer’ was my submission for that challenge.

      This coming Wednesday it’s my turn to make up a theme in the Six Word Writing Challenge, you will find it here @ Figments of a DuTchess.
      When you see ‘Six Word Story Challenge: ‘ in a post, then you will know it’s the writing prompt. In that post I will explain how you can participate: indeed by writing a six word story on your own website and posting the link in the comments.

      But I absolutely LOVE it that you were inspired by my six word story. Feel welcome to do that any time you like to.



          1. Careful what you ask for… I have one of those minds that seems to never turn off. I work at a computer all day, so I just have to close the screen or I’d be multi-tasking on all three screens in front of me….


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